Monday, March 14, 2011

...and then she laughed!

Saturday is a day I never want to forget. It was a typical, wet, wet, WET day, spent indoors. We achieved the general weekend cleaning that needed doing and then just pottered around, chatting, playing Bob the Builder, reading books, drinking hot drinks, Skyping with Grandparents, and so on.

I was lying on the couch, with Little Lady reclining against my legs. BigMan was playing Bob the Builder and Daddy was on the computer. I love singing made up, 'nonsense' songs to my little ones, and so as usual I was serenading my darling daughter with how pretty, precious, beautiful and loved she is. She was cooing, squealing, smiling... and then she laughed! Now, LittleLady is the most smiley individual I know. She is also very noisy and makes beautiful happy noises, but this was a real, hearty, belly laugh! And it kept going... and going... and going (not quite long enough though for Daddy to get it on video). And I have to say, if there was such a thing as a perfect, pure, priceless sound, it would have to be the sound of my beautiful, darling, precious baby daughter laughing.


  1. She must have heard her big brother's joyous laugh and promptly thought "I can do that too!" :)
    Wish I could be up there with you to share in all these wonderful memories but so glad I can read what been's happening and enjoying new photos of my favourite munchins! xx

  2. :) I do have very happy children! And I'm glad that you're enjoying it (and thank you so much for commenting, Esther! Now you'll have to teach Mum and Dad how to do it as well!). I think I'm going to do a post to teach people how to comment, because I can see on the stats that there're quite a few people reading it, but no one's telling me that they are! :(