Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glass half full

Quick... while Play School is on! Some of the things that have made me smile in the past week or so...

* BigMan's feet in his Daddy's work boots.


*Finding one of BigMan's trucks in his Tupperware draw when I go to make his lunch.

* Harold joining us at meal times.

* This conversation: BigMan: "STOP! There's one way to God!" Mummy: "That's right. There's one way to God through Jesus." BigMan: "Jesus rocks the world!" Can you guess who we've been listening to?

* Using my mum's Kenwood mixer to make yummy food for my family and friends.

*This conversation: "Time to get the cookies out of the oven." "Num Num! I'm a cookie monster. Cookie monster, Mummy! I need a cookie please!"

* I apologise to my friend Mummy McTavish for one of BigMan's temper-tantrums. He replies to me on her behalf, "That's ok. Don't worry."

* BigMan waking up after his nap on 'the wrong side of the bed' and subsequently trying to hide underneath it. I think it was just his attempt to say in the airconditioned comfort for a few more minutes...

* Seeing LittleLady develop a tast for the finer things in life...

* Going to clear BigMan's table after lunch and finding that someone's still hungry.


*BigMan playing with his trike and insisting on wearing his helmet.

* Seeing Little Lady making friends of her own... and her gorgeous play-buddy is only days younger than her!

*The adorable way LittleLady has started scrunching up her nose when she's concentrating hard or starting to get frustrated.

*Watching LittleLady play with the beautiful baby in the mirror.

*Seeing LittleLady's head on her Daddy's shoulder as he takes her back to bed after her 'Dream Feed'.

*Watching LittleLady see her brother's trucks, diggers, Woof and make a bee-line straight for them! She's gaining some speed! And she's started getting up on all four nows, so hopefully this comando-crawl phase will be over sooner rather than later - it's making the front of all her pretty clothes very dirty!


So above, you'll see my 'The Glass is Half Full' tribute (bucking the family trend here!). My little 'Glass Half Empty' soapbox: BigMan's been sick... again. We're all tired. I miss my mum, my sister and my best friend. Thank goodness I have so much to make me smile! Thank goodness for music like this...

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  1. Urgh, I think today is going to be an emotional day. I was all smiley when I started reading this (and I love your opening line) and then when it got the photos of our two bundles I got all teary!

    We love friends :)