Friday, April 1, 2011

The beautiful one

My daughter is beautiful.

She is happy.

Her gaze melts me.

Her new nappy is so pretty it makes change time a delight... well, her smiles do.

My daughter can now have her hair 'styled'

Ok, I'm delusional, but I can still pretend it's a real pony tail.

My daughter is a dag...

And she makes me laugh a bit a lot...
[and there's another one of those pretty nappies... Thanks Aunty B!]

My daughter is an intrepid adventurer in the making...
[I have sacrificed my desire for Mothers' Day mummy-bling for a second baby-backpack. Watch out Townsville bushwalking tracks - here we come. Ok, well, when if it stops raining, here we come!] 

And is very patient with her older brother...

My daughter loves her brother... and his toys...

... they are...

...worth the crawl to find them (before Mummy does).

My daughter is precious beyond compare.

And you know what?

I'm not the only one who thinks so!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

[LittleLady is her big cousin A's 'mini-me' in these last few pics! It's finally been cool enough to wear this outfit and she looks so adorable in it, and BigMan  LittleLady loves the 'butterfly' sheets as well  Thanks for sharing, A!]


  1. Wow - I never realised how much she looked like you until I was looking at these photos.

    I love that you styled her hair. Maddie had hair long enough for pig tails from the day she was born so was reasonably used to having her hair done. With Xanthe, I enjoyed the merits of having a baby with relatively no hair and haven't even put a headband in it and now she won't have a bar of having her hair done. Slight sidetrack ...

    LittleLady is gorgeous and has a very contagious smile! It rubbed off on me :)

  2. Just showed M the photos and she loved them, she laughed each and every time a new photo of the cousins came up!!! Glad to see the sheets and that gorgeous outfit (I loved that one!!!) have come in handy. "D' xoxox0

  3. @Girl from the Ville - It's actually quite scary how similar we are! The moment Mum and Dad saw her (she was about 1 1/2 hours old) they said she looked like me, and when I look at my baby album I can see it too. But then I never would have said that BigMan looked like me, yet I see so much of him in her as well!

    And the hair... I cannot wait 'til I can do her hair properly! And thank you Emma (but I can still hear my husband snickering something along the lines of, "What have you done to our daughter?") :P Hopefully by December (my baby bro's wedding) there'll be enough fuzz there to warrant some real bows and frills.

    @D - so glad that the cousins like it! And I love the little pink outfit! It's so nice that it's finally cool enough for her to wear the pants.

  4. Gorgeous photos of your little lady. If a hair band stays in, its a pony tail. I am so hoping my little miss stops pulling out how clips soon. They look so cute but she pulls them out all the time. She has 6 weeks to grow a bit more hair before my brother's wedding because I am keen to put ribbons in for the occasion. Kate

  5. Woops, sorry for the typo - I meant 'her clips'.