Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Days!

I never win anything. Ever. My husband won a PS3 + games and I threw out his Coke label in a clean up prior to one of our dreaded rental inspections. So when we do win something, we don't get it!

But today... I WON SOMETHING! I won my wonderful husband a 'Bodum Coffee Plunger Mug'. I'm pretty stoked about that.

I'm also pretty happy that today is a glorious, typical summer's Autumn day! Thank goodness for some relief from the oppressive heat! [Note to non-Townsville people: relief from heat = yesterday's 'top' was 28, but combined with the humidity the apparent temperature was 32. That's better than it has been! I got the giggles on Saturday morning when we left home at 7:30am to go climb Castle Mountain Hill and saw our neighbours wearing jumpers... it was 27*!]

The house is also filling with that beautiful smell of baking bread. Should be ready just in time for my lunch! Yum!

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