Monday, February 28, 2011

A book a day...

My BigMan loves his books. His book collection rivals that of his parents'! And the sweetest thing I think I've seen yet is when he found his most favourite book 'ever', 'God Made Me', and started reading it to his baby sister. He was able to 'read' the major themes of each page to her, and they delighted in each other's company for a good twenty minutes. Precious, precious memories!

'God made the sky'

I did a brief stint as a Year One teacher a couple of years ago, and I have to say that I can completely understand why the children reading the lower level of books would prefer to do anything but sit and be bored to death read the books that are at 'their level'! Children need to be exposed to exciting, entertaining, funny (and sometimes even rude... you'd be surprised what having the words 'fart' or 'bottom' can do for the popularity of a book with young school boys!) books that engage their minds and entince them to use their imaginations! If their reading level does not allow them to access these books, it is essential that the adults in their lives provide positive role modelling by reading to them and reading with them!

So, time to go find one of the current favourites and start exercising my BigMan's grey matter!

Oh, and our current favourites are...
* Richard Scarry (anything, but particularly Busiest People Ever)
* Wonderful Earth
* Spot Bakes a Cake
* Spot Visits his Grandparents
* Aircraft


  1. We had our first school reader come home this week... I was SO thankful when the teacher told me "it's a formality, he has to start with set 1 and go through a few from each set until we settle on some that are at his level" I sure hope they get a bit more exciting! 'Smelly Bertie' has been one of our favourite books FOREVER. I bought it when I was pregnant with Lion because, well, it's about farts and it's funny! 'The little mole who knew it was none of his business' has us giggling as we do sound effects for each animal's 'business'. We love reading!

  2. Ohhh... I've never read 'Smelly Bertie' before, might have to hunt it down! And I can only imagine the giggles that must ensue! Which reminds me... I'm on the lookout for books about toilet training? You don't happen to know of any do you?

    And yes, those Level 1 books suck majorly. The really sad thing is when there are kids who never move beyond them!