Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we love weekends

Last Friday, BigMan woke up, came into our room and happily announced, "It's Friday today!". How does a 22 month old know such things? I'd say it has a bit to do with how much his parents love that period of time traditionally know as 'The Weekend'!

Back in our pre-kid days, our weekends were generally very busy affairs, filled to the brim with long bike rides along the Brisbane River, impromptu family gatherings, spending too much money on books at Borders (I think they miss our custom!), Church, fun runs and triathlons, attempts to stay on top of marking school work, cleaning and groceries. We would invariably arrive at Sunday night feeling as though we needed a weekend to recover from our weekend!

Check out that grin!
So how are things different now that we have BigMan and LittleLady joining us? Well, the biggest change that we have noticed is that since moving to Townsville we have a lot more time! We miss our families, but at the same time, we have a lot more time to invest in our little family... so we do. We no longer go for long bike rides (it's too hot and LittleLady is too young just yet... I'm hanging out for that 12 month mark when we can finally get all four of us helmeted up and on the bikes!), but we do love going to The Strand together to 'explore', see 'Misty Island', chase birdies and play with the dugong.

Daddy teaching Micah how to share.

Gotta fit it in somehow...
The other weekend we thought we'd treat ourselves to an icecream, so we went and bought three. We should have expected it, but BigMan was not the least bit interested in it. He just wanted to explore (and eat Daddy's icecream). LittleLady was trying to eat her O-Ball (one of the best toys I've ever found for littlies - Grandma and Grandad introduced us to them). And Mummy was trying to take it all in and wishing she could have photographic memories of times such as these. Those times that find their beauty, their merit, their value in how unremarkable they are.

The best we could get! BigMan was not interested in posing for a family pic. There was more fun to be had elsewhere.

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