Sunday, February 27, 2011

child be still

Somewhere way back in my distant pre-twenties past, I used to listen to an artist called Pink. You may have heard of her? What, you may well ask, does this have to do with the life of mum to two littlies whose head is filled with nappy changes, feed times, healthy snacks and the soundtracks to Bob the Builder, Playschool and Giggle and Hoot?

It’s quite simple really. We needed a new set-top-box because our current one was a dud. We also needed a new DVD player because the one we have pre-dates Scott and my relationship! So, Scott found a bargain bundle and it came with three BlueRay DVDs – one of which was ‘Pink’s Funhouse Tour’. While both kidlets were resting and Scott was out buying bolts to secure the new TV to the cabinet (essential to protect both the TV AND BigMan!) I thought I’d have a quick look at what Pink was up to these days… for old time’s sake.

Wow. Anyone heard ‘Ave Mary A’(find the lyrics here)? Talk about an anthem for a generation in pain. ‘Oceania’ has been though a fair bit lately – bushfires, floods, cyclones, earthquakes. I’ve stopped turning on the news at all because I’m afraid of what impact it will have on BigMan, much less me. And here, in Pink’s lyrics, I’ve found an articulation of the pain, confusion, helplessness that so epitomizes those who live without hope; those who do not know The One who controls the bushfires, floods, cyclones and earthquakes. 

Watching Pink sing, and watching the thousands of fans joining with her, I wanted desperately for them to know that Mary hasn’t gone anywhere – she’s still in Glory, worshiping ‘The Light of the World’ with the angel choirs. How I wanted them to know that ‘The Light of the World’ is saying to them, ‘Child be still. I AM the Light, I AM the one to release you from the chaos around you, you need ME. Child be still.’

This is the world that my children have been born into. Please God equip us, as parents, for the insurmountable challenges that lie ahead in raising a God-fearing family in this ‘world gone mad’.

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